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The Virgin And The Bull by Erato + Excerpt

The Virgin And The Bull by Erato
Self published in America in May 2018.

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Suicide, rape, murder — Love is a serpent more subtle than any of the field.

Twenty-three year old Charles Macgregor had everything going for him, so why did he choose to take his own life? As the Sheriff-Depute of Edinburgh reads through his collected letters, he uncovers a breathtaking story of femmes fatales, jealous rivals, and love gone violently awry.

An artful and intellectual thriller told with a noir style, The Virgin and the Bull shocks and startles with tense plot, lurid sex and vivid characters amidst a seductive and scary vision of Old England and Scotland. The frisson is out of this world when the fiery anatomist Macgregor risks life and limb to fulfill his desperate desire for the dangerously beautiful Constance Fawkes, pitted against her mad father and the more-than-meets-the-eye “virgin” priest, Francis Exenchester.


From Charles Macgregor to Henry Macgregor, Tuesday, September 24th.

Dear brother, 
It has been decided: we shall hasten to Gretna Green. It is as you say — the town is the nearest in Scotland to our present location, and to marry there will provide fewer chances that we may be stopped on bye. Perhaps we will proceed to Edinburgh from thence, or perhaps we shall return to the home of Mr. Fawkes to endure whatever punishment he wishes to inflict: but whatever the case, we shall be married, and no person will prevent it.

We contrive to escape by these means: on Tuesday, the Fawkes family will be attending a ball at a neighbor’s house. I have made arrangements for post-horses at the coaching inns along the way — expensive, but I think it shall be worth the price. After the family Fawkes has departed for the ball, I shall load up the first two horses with whatever meager supplies we need, and I from there shall have the horses wait in a hidden spot near unto the ball. Constance will find some opportunity to exit the house and meet with me, and we will ride away together, across the Putney bridge, through London, towards St. Albans where we will rest and refresh ourselves. We will continue, changing horses along the route by an arranged relay, for about five days journey. I pray that this plan will give us an adequate head start above those who would pursue us: the mail coaches might travel faster and more conveniently, but they will not set out from Richmond by night as we require, as well that they could render our route too predictable and easy to intercept.

Pray for me, brother, and for my wife-to-be too, that we shall come to no harm. I will send you word again, before the time we reach Gretna Green. 

Your own devoted brother, 

Meet The Author

Erato is a Hispanic American author of historical fiction. The name Erato belonged to one of the nine muses of Greek mythology: that who ruled love stories. The author's own given name being that of a different muse, the name Erato was chosen as the nomme de plume that seemed especially fit for writing stories with a romantic theme. She also writes non-romance historical fiction, often with subversive undertones, and her work has been described as the literary equivalent of a John Wayne Gacy clown painting.

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  1. That sounds interesting but not sure it's the right book for me. Interesting cover though.

    1. I might give this one a read. I do like noir

  2. Loved learning about the meaning and history behind her name Erato - that is so cool. The cover makes my skin crawl for some reason DD:

  3. Replies
    1. The whole Gretna idea has always appealed to my imagination!