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One By One: A Memoir of Love and Loss in the Shadows of Opioid America by Nicholas Bush + #Giveaway

One by One: A Memoir of Love and Loss in the Shadows of Opioid America by Nicholas Bush

Category: Adult Nonfiction, 245 pages
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Release date: November 2018
Tour dates: Feb 25 to March 22, 2019
Content Rating: R (due to scenes of drug abuse)

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In ONE by ONE: A Memoir of Love and Loss in the Shadows of Opioid America, author Nicholas Bush opens up about his adolescent years in suburban Wisconsin as a heroin addict.

Thanks to drugs, Nicholas ended up in a military school against his will where his back was broken, literally. He was in and out of jail five times, homeless, held at gunpoint, robbed, had his apartment ransacked (more than once), and was in rehab twice. His memoir passionately shares the losses he suffered: five of his loved ones died from heroin overdoses, including two who were shot to death. Most tragic of all, drugs killed two of his three siblings: his older sister Allison and his baby brother Austin.

Offering a personal perspective on our opioid epidemic and a rare survivor story, Bush tells all about what drew and drove him to drugs, what his habit cost him, and how he found salvation. He also makes a compelling case against treating and punishing heroin users like criminals. “People locked in the vise grip of addiction are still just that: people,” Bush stresses.

About the Author:

NICHOLAS BUSH is a reformed drug addict devoted to helping people battling addiction in halfway houses and prisons. He has written several articles related to opioid addiction for PBS and the Johns Hopkins Medical Journal, and wrote an Op-Ed piece for USA Today. He grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. Oh dang, what a heartbreaking story.

    1. It can be so easy to get sucked into that kind of life, and brave of Nicholas to tell his story

  2. Our criminal justice system is absolute shit. There are many cities trying to treat the problem, but then state and federal government steps in sometimes, and it is just a nightmare. Having the resources to get people into rehab would be extremely helpful, but the issue of where to divert the funds from is such an issue. Much like we apparently can't figure out how to make our country safe from gun violence, we also can't figure out the best way to treat addicts. Sometimes I roll my eyes so hard I think they're going to roll right out my head. /rant over. Sorry.

    1. And breathe ... but I know exactly what you mean. There's addiction recovery programmes in the UK, but they're often haphazard because of serious underfunding. If only politicians could see the big picture, spending money on treating and preventing addiction would more than pay for itself in savings to health and crime budgets for example. But everything seems to always have to be considered separately and all Tories care about is their personal profits anyway. Ok, that's my rant too!

  3. I am interested in this topic. Timely writing.

  4. I just don't know what people go through in this kind of crisis, therefore i would love to read this.