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Feed 4: The Corporation by Nicole Grotepas + #Giveaway + Excerpt

Feed 4: The Corporation by Nicole Grotepas
Self published in America on the 20th June 2019.

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Sometimes a hero has to lose everything to discover what matters most.

Still trapped in the dangerous heart of the Kirkwood Broadcasting empire, Ramone works to meet his captor's demands: create a device to block the feeds. But . . . aren't they in control of the feeds? And how will they use such a tool? Though it's against everything he believes in, Ramone is prepared to give Kirkwood the tool they want in exchange for what he wants - a guarantee that his family will be safe. But the way forward isn't easy. Allegiances will be questioned. Traitors will continue to rise and fall.

Maybe there's a way out without compromising the ideals he sacrificed once, years ago. He only has to trust the turncoat who offers him an alternative. But as the corporation prepares to covertly unleash its massive army of surveillance cameras upon the rest of the world, Ramone can see that there really is only one option: do not give them what they want. He only has everything to lose if he screws up.

For fans of surveillance dystopian works such as 1984, We, and revolutionary TV series like The Prisoner and Black Mirror. Can you survive the feeds?


Ramone’s POV: 

He refused to be paralyzed by his fears even though he felt on the verge of tears. He could control that, at least, and not cry. 
Remembering what the Enforcer had done to him was inevitable. He kept going back to that, the furnace at the heart of his fear. Ramone couldn’t endure a session like that again. He couldn’t. He wasn’t a soldier. He wasn’t made of steel. He was flabby, fleshy, and weak. Just the thought of being tortured again turned him to water. It was horrid to admit, but when Ramone surveyed everything and considered himself honestly, he recognized he was the cowardly lion. He had no courage. None. No roar. No bite. Not so much as a growl. 
Where was the fighter who’d stood up to a boardroom full of imposing executives? Where was that man? The moment seemed so far away, now, though it hadn’t been longer than a week. He’d been ready to fight, to let them kill him, hurt him, whatever they thought to do. Why had he changed? 
There was a knock at his door. His heart thumped louder. He swallowed, sat up, and waited. 
The familiar young guard stepped in, looking cocky and slightly irritated. “Let’s go. They want you in the design room.” 

Meet the Author 

Nicole writes stories about surveillance and how it affects human behavior, colonization, AI, robots, and a bunch of other impossible but cool scenarios. She studied folklore in college and believes that the best parts of any story touch on these living, changing elements of culture.

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