Monday, 22 July 2019

From Elsewhere by Sarah Baethge

From Elsewhere by Sarah Baethge
Self published in America today, the 22nd July 2019.

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When the space alien Nysol runs to Earth in order to escape his enemies, the lives of the humans he encounters are changed forever. After unintentional mistakes are made, will these people even have any desire to keep him safe from those who pursue him?
Have Nysol’s quick decisions only created a trap that will ensnare everyone he tries to get close to?

The story begins by following the sharill, Nysol as he and a group of space pirates he is with steal asteroid mining spacecraft from their enemies, the kisleem. Nysol leads the ship guards away from where his allies are headed and strands himself on a planet (that happens to be Earth) to keep them safe.
Once he lands on there, the first person Nysol runs into is Sean, who is out camping. Without much thought, Nysol zaps Sean with a beam that extracts an understanding of human language from him, so now he can understand and speak English. Unfortunately, the beam also knocks Sean down. Sean wakes up after a moment, but he is slightly confused now.
On the next day, Sean’s friend Lester Jones runs into him and Nysol. Because of the new confusion, Sean doesn’t recognize Lester. Lester sees Nysol as human. Worried about Sean’s health because of the strange memory problems, Lester and Nysol decide to get him to a doctor.
The two men and Dr. Amy Carter, who is trying to help Sean soon find themselves hunted by the Kisleem Alien Poit who is determined to take Nysol prisoner as his enemy. Nysol discovers that his attempted escape has become something of a trap for all of his new friends. 

Meet The Author
I am Sarah Baethge. I was born in Houston in 1982, and grew up in Texas and Louisiana. I was an intern for Lockheed-Martin fresh out of high school. I graduated with a national merit scholarship in 2000. I got to work on the software of computers at NASA in Houston in the summer before I headed to college in Dallas.

In November of 2000 when I was driving to school, I was in a car wreck that left me in a coma for 6 months. After waking, I began writing and self-publishing short fantasy and science-fiction stories, starting with the original The Speed of Darkness book. My vampire poem called ‘And I Was Hungry’ was published in an online magazine called What the Dickens in March of 2014. As well as publishing more stories, I've also now voiced 4 audiobooks - 2 of my own, and 2 for Candy Michelle Johnson

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  1. Yikes. A coma is tough to come back from.

  2. This sounds like a suspenseful book. I've always liked sci-fi.

    1. I haven't read hard scifi for ages. Need to give the genre a chance again