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Play To Live by Brian VanDongen + #Giveaway + Guest Post

Play to Live: Life Skills and Joy Through the Natural Talent to Play by Brian VanDongen

Category: Self-help/ Inner Child; creativity, 119 pages
Genre: Adult Non-Fiction (18+)
Publisher: BVDPlays
Release date: April 30, 2019
Tour dates: June 17 to July 5, 2019
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Play To Live: Life Skills and Joy Through The Natural Talent To Play by author Brian VanDongen takes you back to your childhood to remind you about what being a child is all about. Playing! We all have those fond childhood memories of growing up playing with our friends in social settings. Developing social skills and learning how to handle friendships and relationships.

What we didn't realize at the time was that those skills we learned for the building blocks which lay the foundation for the rest of our lives. What are our children learning right now? How are they playing now and what part are we playing in how our children interact with the world around them.

For many children, their idea of play and playing now consists of talking to friends online and playing with electronic devices, staying safe indoors, and not venturing further than their own small safe world which we have created.

Inside Play To Live you'll discover:
  • Understanding what it means to play.
  • Where play has gone and what has changed?
  • How playing inside the box promotes the simplicity of play.
  • Why risky play is not the same as dangerous play. Are we too overprotective?
  • That climbing up the slide is just as important as sliding down.
  • Getting muddy outside and rediscovering nature is imperative.
  • That play is serious business and so much more.
Inside Play To Live: Life Skills and Joy Through The Natural Talent To Play you'll read about case studies and reports followed by tips, tricks, and information to help you. If you would like to rediscover what it means to play, then grab a copy of Play To Live right now!

To follow the tour, please visit Brian VanDongen's page on iRead Book Tours.

Guest Post by Brian VanDongen

In today’s hyper competitive, highly charged academic world, children younger and younger are getting assigned summer homework.

It is likely well-intentioned. Research does suggest that the 10 weeks of summer vacation can hinder a child’s academic growth and may need time after the school year begins in the fall to review and refresh on some content he or she learned in the prior school year.

However, formal assignments, teacher or school selected books, and worksheets may not be the answer for this “summer work” especially at a young age for children. Free play can help a child grow academically both during the school year and during the summer recess.

In Chapter 2 of my book, Play to Live, I examine three reasons why play as we remember it so fondly is disappearing. One of those reasons is increased academic intensity. However, play and physical activity has shown to improve school performance and behavior in the classroom.

By playing, children are learning and exploring. They sort and match (math skills). They count and divide (more math skills). They read instructions (literacy skills). They communicate with friends (social skills). They learn conflict resolution (more social skills). They stack and balance (science skills). They figure out how their body moves through space (body-spatial awareness, or physical skills). 

Children can learn a whole lot just from playing. Just because school is not in session, doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to learn. These opportunities just may not look like a traditional classroom setting.

As I say in my book, one of the area principals of an elementary school in a fairly well-to-do town gets asked by parents every year what their child can do over the summer to be ready for next year. His answer: “play and bake cookies.” That’s a summer assignment everyone can benefit from.

​​Meet the author:  ​

Brian is a life-long "parks and rec kid." Now, he is a parks and recreation professional.

Brian has created, designed, and implemented transformational recreational programming for thousands of residents. ​ Through his work as a park and recreation professional, Brian helps people play and find their natural talent to play.

He believes everyone has that talent, but it is sometimes hard to find or even suppressed in today's society. ​ Fortunately, play at its most basic level is easy, fun, healthy, and desirable. That playful talent just needs to be unleashed.

Brian has helped thousands of people find their natural talent to play and become happier and healthier people through the power of play.

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