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Nadine by John Steinberg + Excerpt

Nadine by John Steinberg
Published by 2qt Limited on the 22nd May 2019.

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London 1972 – and Peter Greenberg is riding high. Thanks to his magic touch, every play he puts on in Theatreland is a hit and the money is rolling in. The young man’s empire feels secure – but then everything changes. One evening, he calls in to see a rival’s musical and falls head over heels in love.

The beautiful Paris-born dancer who catches his eye is Nadine – a major star in the making. Like Greenberg, the young dancer too is in love – but with someone else. The eternal triangle is complicated by the birth of a child, and by tragic secrets that go back before World War Two; slowly, those secrets reveal themselves in a drama that out-performs anything on the West End stage or Broadway.

Nadine is a poignant story of unrequited love, a love that will one day be returned – and in a most unexpected way…


Greenberg, once the most successful musicals producer in London’s West End, has seen another show flop. Stuck in a loveless marriage to a much younger woman to whom he is totally unsuited, his life is a shambles. He needs a hit to get out of trouble. The problem is that he’s run out of money!
Escaping to the relative security of his top floor office high above London’s St Martin’s Lane, he gains temporary respite from a memory of a French dancer who he was madly in love with over forty years ago and recalls the obligation to her, which has yet to be fulfilled.

Despite his current financial problems, it was a relief to come to work. He had tried talking to his wife about the dire state of their affairs, but knew he was wasting his breath. It was years since Suzanne had taken any interest in his business. So long as she still had her expense account and her personal trainer three times a week, she appeared happy enough. How was she to know another show had closed early and left him practically bankrupt, with the very real possibility that their house would be repossessed? Thank goodness the villa in Spain was in her name.

Greenberg picked up one of the newspapers and began browsing through the arts section. His attention was immediately drawn to a headline.
Celebrated Broadway Director Considering Permanent Move to the US
The article continued:
Dominic Langley, with several Broadway hits to his credit, appears intent on following his latest success by relocating to America. Speaking at the Tony Awards ceremony last night in New York, where his show Brooklyn Brawl picked up seven accolades, including best director, Dominic said, ‘I’ve worked on and off Broadway for the last five years. The action is here, the best writers are here ‒ so why would I want to be anywhere else?’
Dominic said, ‘I’ve worked on and off Broadway for the last five years. The action is here, the best writers are here ‒ so why would I want to be anywhere else?’
Greenberg tried, as he had done on so many previous occasions, to put the young man’s name out of his mind. This time, however, creeping slowly into his overburdened heart, the past came to life once again, reminding him of his unfulfilled obligation to the only woman he had ever truly loved.
Greenberg recalled the last entry in her diary. She wrote that she hadn’t deserved the love he had given her, and asked for his forgiveness. Her final wish, so far denied to her, was that her son Dominic should know the truth about his mother.

Meet the author
John Steinberg was born in 1952 and spent many years in business before becoming a writer in 2007. Since then, he has co-written and produced comedies for the stage and has created a series of books for children. Nadine is his third novel. He is married with three children and lives in North London.

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