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Woodhouse Hall by Sara Marks + #Giveaway + Excerpt

Woodhouse Hall by Sara Marks
Published in America by Illuminated Myth Publishing on the 28th October 2019.

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Amelia is stuck in the worst dorm on campus for a whole year! She'll have to make the best of it in Woodhouse Hall and her roommate Jenna will be her new best friend, Amelia's sure of that. Jenna's sweet personality and openness to new things incite the matchmaking-genius in Amelia to find the perfect boyfriend for her new bestie. She shoots high by attempting to entice Eric, the President of the Student Government, to fall for her roommate. Amelia's past success makes her confident they will be a couple in no time. When that turns out to be a disaster, she is forced to face the lies she's told herself about her strengths and her assumptions about the people she loves. Over the year, Amelia learns who she is, what she wants, and how to fight for what's really important.

This novel, inspired by Jane Austen's Emma, will have you laughing, crying, and finding a little of yourself in one or all of the characters.


Adam and I took the last shift of the day to check in the freshmen. I agreed to this to thank Adam for helping me find a room. Jenna's parents had taken her out shopping for room supplies and dinner. Adam and I had our own dinner at the table while we checked in students. It was our payment for taking the shift.
"Do you like Jenna?" Adam asked me as we took charge of the check-in desk.
"She's sweet," I said.
"She seems to like crafts as much as you." 
"Maybe more than. I'm not that crafty, only knitting." I watched her put her stuff away; she likes all crafts. I saw watercolors, tie-dye, yarn, scrapbook paper, and stickers." 
"It was cool of her to help me out."
"She wants to decorate our door each month. I told her to do whatever she wanted with it." 
"Really? I was expecting you to dominate everything in the room."
I exaggerated rolling my eyes, making sure Adam noticed. This was not the first time he had said this to me. It felt like he always told me this when I made a new friend, including when we moved in as Freshmen and I met Gwen for the first time.
"Amelia, you're an alpha female. You tend to forget there are other people with their own desires."
"What does that even mean? What's an alpha female?"
Adam didn't get to answer as the next wave of freshmen came into the building.
"It's like an alpha male, but, you know, a woman," Adam said picking up the conversation again after the rush died down. "You're always the center of attention, you think you know what's best for everyone, and you push until people do what you want. Look at what you did to Gwen and Steve." 
"I helped two people find love. You make that sound bad," I said, pretending to be confused but really irritated that he wouldn't understand.

Meet the Author 

Sara Marks is a librarian with two masters degrees and plans to never stop getting over educated. She likes the idea of having all the academic regalia she can ever possess. She cries at nearly every movie she sees (ask her about when she cried at a horror movie), but it's full-on weeping for Disney animated movies. She loves reading nearly every genre but likes to write women's fiction, romance, and even horror. You have to balance out the reality of the world if you're going to be a hopeless romantic! Her heroines are women who don't want the expected life, rarely worrying about their age, weight, marriageability, or fertility.

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