Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Bloodchild by Octavia Butler + #FreeBook

Bloodchild by Octavia Butler
Published in America in June 1984.

B for my 2020 Alphabet Soup Challenge and my 1980s read for my 2019-20 Decade Challenge

How I got this book:
Downloaded the ebook from Amazon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Set on a distant planet, Bloodchild is award-winning author Octavia E. Butler's shattering meditation on symbiosis, love, power and tough choices. It won the Hugo, Locus, Nebula and Science Fiction Chronicle awards and is widely regarded as one of her greatest works. Perfect for fans of the thrilling Arrival and the works of Ursula Le Guin.

'Years ago, a group known as the Terrans left Earth in search of a life free of persecution. Now they live alongside the Tlic, an alien race who face extinction; their only chance of survival is to plant their larvae inside the bodies of the humans.

When Gan, a young, boy, is chosen as a carrier of Tlic eggs, he faces an impossible dilemma: can he really help the species he has grown up with, even if it means sacrificing his own life?

The short story, Bloodchild, is the first I have read of Octavia Butler's writing and I sincerely hope it won't be the last. Olivia (of Olivia's Catastrophe) is right. Octavia Butler is an amazing storyteller! I spotted Bloodchild free on Amazon so snapped up the download and would recommend every other reader to do the same. At just thirty pages, Butler gives us enough of the alien essentials of her imagined world that I was able to understand exactly what was taking place. The Terran humans being the subjugated species and seen as little more than animals to the Tlic is especially relevant to me at the moment because it's Veganuary so the idea got me thinking about how different attitudes would be if humans weren't such a dominant species here on earth.

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  1. What an interesting idea for a book. I like short reads at times.

    1. This one's fab and has enough ideas for a novella!

  2. Sounds like a lot packed into a short story! That's awesome!

    1. Octavia Butler is amazing and someone I should have got to reading much, much sooner!

  3. Replies
    1. It looks like the single story ebook is through this link:
      Amazon wouldn't let me link the widget to it!

  4. I'm not doing the Alphabet Soup challenges this year but I'll be following your progress with it through the year!

    1. I always feel like I'm making great progress on the Alphabets at this time of year ;-)

  5. Ahh thanks for letting me know this short story is free! I just clicked and got my copy too now and can't wait to read it. I want to recommend that you go to Kindred next if you want more by her. It's by no means an easy read at all but is so amazing and powerful and emotional.

    1. Hope you enjoy Bloodchild!
      And thank you for the Kindred recommendation - it's now on my TBR