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Dead Ringer by Kat Ross + #Giveaway

Dead Ringer (Gaslamp Gothic #5) by Kat Ross
Published in America by Acorn Publishing on the 19th December 2019.

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A poisonous secret.
A terrifying curse.
And a client she’d just as soon see dead in a ditch….

Summer 1889. Harrison Fearing Pell hoped for adventure when she signed on with the Society for Psychical Research as an occult investigator. Slogging through New York’s sewers in pursuit of a “mud man” wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. But the reeking monster terrorizing the dance halls of the Tenderloin leads her to an even more peculiar mystery — and the last man on earth Harry wishes to become entangled with.

James Moran is a prodigy in music, mathematics . . . and crime. Harry’s older sister, the famed detective Myrtle Fearing Pell, has vowed to put him behind bars. But Harry owes Moran a personal debt, so when he demands her aid she can hardly refuse. It turns out that the brilliant black sheep of New York Society is part of a secret club at Columbia College whose members have started dying in bizarre ways that may not be accidents.

Thus begins one of the strangest cases of Harry’s career, a tale of murder, cold-blooded revenge and fairytale bogeymen to make the Brothers Grimm shudder. As the bodies pile up, each preceded by sightings of the victim’s doppelgänger, Harry and her stalwart friend John Weston must race against time to save a man who arguably deserves his macabre fate.

Dead Ringer is the first Kat Ross novel I've read so immediately I can say that, although it is the fifth in its series, the story works very well as a standalone! (On the strength of it I have now got myself the first Gaslamp Gothic book, The Daemoniac, so I can start to catch up on the rest of the series.) Dead Ringer is set in late 1880s New York and I loved this historical aspect which fitted surprisingly comfortably with the paranormal investigations undertaken by Harry and her colleague, John. There's a touch of the Sherlock Holmes about the atmosphere and Ross shows us New York scenes ranging from the refined Columbia College library to a crimelord's nightclub, and starts us off chasing a monster through the city's smelly sewers. Charming!

Harry is a character to whom I could easily warm. She doesn't always make good decisions, but her heart is in the right place. Her prickly sister, Myrtle, is fun to read about too and I enjoyed their verbal sparring with and about the criminally-minded Moran. The mystery itself is great. It has enough complexity that Ross kept me guessing at the complete answer pretty much until the end of the story, but I liked that the pace didn't get bogged down with too much unnecessary explanation. I appreciated the little details that made such a fantastic story feel plausible. I would recommend Dead Ringer to fans of Vered Ehsani's Society of Paranomals series (and vice versa) and am now looking forward to finding out how Harry's paranormal investigation journey began.

Meet the Author 
Kat Ross worked as a journalist at the United Nations for ten years before happily falling back into what she likes best: making stuff up. She's the author of the Fourth Element and Fourth Talisman fantasy series, the Gaslamp Gothic paranormal mysteries, and the dystopian thriller Some Fine Day. She loves myths, monsters and doomsday scenarios. Check out Kat's Pinterest page for the people, places and things that inspire her books.

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The prizes are a $20 Amazon gift card and 5x ebook copies of A Bad Breed (Gaslamp Gothic 3) by Kat Ross.
Open internationally until the 6th February.

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  1. I love historical new york so much! This sounds like a great read! Glad you liked it! :)

    1. I certainly did! Thank you for the opportunity

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  4. Great cover art and it sounds interesting. Best wishes to the author on the new release.

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    1. I did enoy this read! It's fun and has a good mystery :-)