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Destroyed by Eva Dresden + #Giveaway + Excerpt

Destroyed (Omega's Destruction #3) by Eva Dresden
Published on the 13th February 2020.

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Broken and damaged, Quinn refuses to be destroyed. She rages against the bond Tobias Kahler forced her to complete between them, denying the pull of her claim set into his soul that fateful day. Struggling against the power of his will, she won't become the smiling, placid thing he attempts to mold her to be.

An unseen foe seeks to take matters into their own hands, threatening Quinn and everything she holds dear. Forced to cling to Tobias for support and strength with the constant threat, he's thrown into a whole new light. One where Quinn faces seeing him for more than the monster she's feared and hated. Amidst their violent past and ever turbulent future, they must learn to accept one another as they are or in this final battle, much more than bodies will lay broken.

Destroyed is the third and final book in the Omega's Destruction Trilogy, a raw and thrilling Omegaverse tale. It is not a traditional romance, containing dark themes and complete power exchange. Scenes are not glossed over, which may be distressing for some readers.


A sound reminiscent of a groan filtered through the chaos clamoring around her skull. Uncertain which of them had made the noise, she could do little more than cling to him as sensations bombarded her. Too much to take in, not enough to make any sense of. Pain, regret, sorrow, betrayal. It blasted through her thoughts, obliterating everything.
Destroying her one thudding heartbeat at a time.
Something splintered and cracked, shattering from the constant abuse. Soundless as it ripped her apart, slicing her open and laying her bare and vulnerable to the beast lurking inside and out. Thick tears dripped from her lashes, trickling down her temples to stain her hair dark and glossy.
A breath filled her lungs. Long and deep, it was clean and crisp. As if she breathed fresh air for the first time in her life. It shuddered through her, filling her up with a warmth she had never known under her own control. Something only he could incite, the thing he did to her when he broke her to his will.
Yet her thoughts were her own. She felt him there, deep inside, touching a part of her he had no right to, but she wasn’t struggling against the sunlit agony.
The bond was not quiet, but for once it did not hurt.
“Yes,” Tobias murmured against her wet cheek. Sliding his chest against hers, petting her with his whole body as he rubbed his scent on her skin.
To comfort, to soothe. Giving her something physical to hold on to as something close to panic began to prick the back of her neck again. Letting her know her Alpha was near and would keep her safe. 
It wasn’t her that thought it, wasn’t her deduction bringing her to the conclusion. It was him. A pattern of emotions, thoughts, and things she couldn’t begin to describe that told her what it was. Speaking without uttering a word.
Quinn could feel the wild staccato of his heart, the sweat trickling down his back. The heat of him against her chilled skin. As if she somehow inhabited his body while still locked within hers, she could perceive every little thing.
“I don’t understand.” Still her lungs worked to pull in the unsullied air that was redolent with both their scents, a crushing weight lifted. Quinn felt free in a way she couldn’t comprehend and hated that it scared her as much as anything before it.
“You always fight me. Tooth and nail.” He looked exhausted as he settled back against the pillows that had come loose of her construct while she thrashed under him.
She didn’t remember moving, but she must have. Long red marks scored his arms and sides, deep crimson crescents oozing at his shoulders.
His surprised huff of laughter startled them both, but Quinn’s lips twitched in a smile. She didn’t remember ever seeing him laugh, not a real one at least.

Meet the Author 
Eva Dresden writes dark romance that lives up to its name with every turn of the page. Her heroines are tragic and strong, her heroes are anything but, and tearing characters apart to see what makes them really tick is a favored past time. Her cat is her staunchest supporter, provided there are treats involved.

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