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Truth vs Illusion by Joy Su

Truth vs Illusion by Joy Su
Published in America by Balboa Press in May 2016.

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How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the author

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Life is about living it the way you want to exist, experiencing what you want to go through, reaching the destination you want to achieve, and obtaining the freedom to do so.

Life is about enjoying what you have, using what you have to make what you can at your will, having fun with it, and being happy about it, regardless if you are better or worse than anyone else.

We have to know that the negative feelings about ourselves are just illusions that our egos created to improve ourselves. The truth is that our reality is our choice. There is nothing to improve. At our discretion, we can make another choice for a different reality.

Through meditation, the mind can be more resilient to stressful situations. It is more resistant to negative influences and recovers faster from them. Thus, the person is in good spirit and happy.

I was drawn to Joy Su's book, Truth vs Illusion, because of the author's personal journey towards the peace and happiness she now enjoys. I understood that she hadn't always been able to deal positively with life events and that this had previously led to episodes of severe depression. At one point Su talks about having never felt as though she truly belonged anywhere. I could identify with that sense. Truth vs Illusion is a deeper, more philosophical work than I had expected. It draws upon varied religious and spiritual traditions, and I appreciated learning how their practices overlap, particularly in the area of meditation. Usually I feel as though religious teachings are deliberately identified as being as different from each other as possible so this was one of several eye-opening topics for me.

I found that I am noticeably happier and more content within myself since I became vegan last year, and diet choices is one of Su's themes. However I still want to improve upon this positive mindset. Truth vs Illusion has good ideas towards achieving this goal. I admit I didn't understand everything that was laid out for readers, but feel I now have a sound grasp of the basics of Su's suggestions regarding the connectedness of life, the destructive tendencies of the subconscious mind, and the benefits of engaging in regular meditation which I now plan to undertake. I will be interested to return to Truth vs Illusion once I have established this new habit because I feel I will understand more of the detailed philosophy once I actually have personal experience of what Su is discussing, rather than trying to imagine so much at once.

I'm glad to have discovered Truth vs Illusion and am grateful to Joy Su for sharing her book with me. It is not an instruction manual so readers wanting to be told how to meditate, for example, will be disappointed. At times Su writes in almost a stream of consciousness style so this is a work to study and reflect upon. It doesn't offer easy answers, but I feel it was a rewarding read.

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  1. This sounds inspiring. I like a book that makes me think.

    1. I was impressed by Joy's philosophy and ideas

  2. It sounds like the author is very honest with her experiences and thoughts that has she has been through in the past. And I am glad the vegan lifestyle is suiting you so well and making you happier overall too :)

    1. Joy's honesty is absolutely one of the strong points of Truth vs Illusion