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52 Weeks of Writing: Author Journal and Planner by Mariëlle S. Smith + #Giveaway

52 Weeks of Writing: Author Journal and Planner by Mariëlle S. Smith
Published by MS Wordsmith on the 1st December 2019.

Are you ready to become the writer you were always meant to be? 

52 Weeks of Writing will get you cracking by making you plan, track, reflect on, and check in with your progress and goals an entire year long. 
52 Weeks of Writing will help you dig deep by offering questions and writing prompts designed to unravel whatever truths about your writing you’re ready for. 
52 Weeks of Writing will keep you inspired by delivering a thought-provoking writing quote every week. 

Do you struggle with setting goals that reflect your daily reality? 
Do you want to practise breaking goals down into manageable chunks? 
Would you like more insight into your writing habit(s) and figure out why you keep getting in your own way? 
And do you want to create a sustainable writing practice that honours your needs and desires as a writer? 

Then the 52 Weeks of Writing: Author Journal and Planner is for you. 

52 Weeks of Writing brings together every lesson Mariëlle S. Smith has learned as a writing coach and writer. Wary as she is of comparisonitis and unhealthy competition, this author journal and planner was designed to help writers develop and fine-tune a practice that works for them. 

If you’re ready to get out of your own way and become the writer you’re meant to be, pick up your copy of 52 Weeks of Writing today. 

Each week of the author journal and planner starts with an inspiring writing quote, and ends with a writing prompt or exercise designed to make you grow as a writer in all ways imaginable. Some prompts will help train the writing muscle, others the author mindset. Some might be easy, while others will push you right out of your comfort zone, asking you to dig deep and broaden your horizon.

Meet the author   

Mariëlle S. Smith is a coach for writers and other creatives, an editor, (ghost) writer, and custom retreat organiser. In 2019, she moved to Cyprus, and island in the Mediterranean Sea, where she organises private writer’s retreats, is inspired 24/7, and feeds more stray cats than she can count.

Author links: 
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And now it's time for the Giveaway!
The prizes are:
1 of 3 paperback copies of the 52 Weeks of Writing: Author Journal and Planner, 
or 1 of 2 paperback copies of Tarot for Creatives: 21 Tarot Spreads to (Re)Connect to Your Intuition and Ignite That Creative Spark, 
or A coaching session.
Giveaway open INTL until 31st March 2020.

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