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Lone Shark by Tin Larrick + #FreeBook

Lone Shark by Tin Larrick
Self published in November 2013.

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Downloaded the ebook from Smashwords

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

London, 2017. In the slipstream of economic misery walks Jackson Towne, a disgraced ex-cop in his own personal exile.

A contract hit offers Jackson a way out of his hand-to-mouth existence, but as he pursues the target - a corporate whistleblower at mysterious multinational Medusa Chenaix - he realises that for so many people to want her dead , she must be more important than even she realises...

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Lone Shark is my third Tin Larrick novel (at the time of writing), although actually the second he wrote. Each, so far, is a stand alone story so I'm not messing up any story arcs for once!

By far the blokiest of the trio, elements of Lone Shark felt like a Guy Ritchie film and there is a fair bit of killing for no other reason than that's what this type of person would do. The plot is interesting and generally keeps up a fast place but I found the characters, other than our anti-hero, Jackson Towne, much more two-dimensional than in, say, Manukau Bluebirds. Larrick's descriptions of place and scene setting are excellent so it was easy to imagine his dystopian London and the furniture shop 'hotel' is a nice touch. Poor Newhaven doesn't fare too well!

I found it difficult to actually place the novel in real time as, although the synopsis states 2017, several of the text references seemed to throw us way past that while some tv namedropping particularly is oddly dated. This was distracting but not enough to ruin the atmosphere, just an occasional pull-up.

As a solid genre thriller, Lone Shark easily holds it own with best-selling authors and is more inventive than many of these. Larrick's real life police experience is well used to enhance without being overdone to make this book an entertaining escapist read.

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