Sunday, 19 April 2020

#5Books1Theme - Long Walks

A few days ago I was thinking about things I miss as a result of the current lockdown and was actually surprised to find there weren't too many. As a natural introvert who likes to spend a lot of time quietly reading, there are significant peace benefits at the moment - far less traffic on the local roads, no aeroplanes overhead, etc. We are fortunate to have outside space and I very much appreciate not being trapped in a small flat without so much as a patio or balcony, let alone a garden. However, while I have my daily exercise, I do miss being able to set out on a Good Long Walk, especially one with a Picnic Lunch! So April's 5 Books 1 Theme post rounds up memoirs of people who did just that (though they didn't all have picnics!)

(Click the cover images to visit each book's Literary Flits review.)

Have you read any of these five books? If so, what did you think of them? What's your favourite long walk memoir?

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