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Ultra Squad 2: Adventures Under The Strangebow by Julia DeVillers and Rafael Rosado

Ultra Squad 2: Adventures Under The Strangebow by Julia DeVillers and Rafael Rosado
Published in America by Justice Studios on the 12th November 2019.

One of my More Than One challenge reads

How I got this book:
Received a review copy via Lola's Blog Tours

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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"UltraSquad is ultra-fun. We're lucky we have these girls to save the universe!"--Cindy Callaghan, author of Just Add Magic and Saltwater Secrets 


An evil, strange rainbow! A former nemesis! And four girls who look exactly like the UltraSquad! It's an epic battle on an alternate universe for the UltraSquad, a secret superhero team, with a mission to save the universe through teamwork, positivity, and justice. Can the girls and their sidekicks, the Pallies, once again save the world and make it a better place through teamwork, positivity, and unstoppable fierce girl power? 

Meet the Ultra Squad and their Sidekicks! 
Posey (Pink): She loves acting and has a passion for fashion, especially anything with sequins and glitter! Her motto is "Born to shine!" 
Anna (Turquoise): She is a gymnast who loves to stay active both through sports like lacrosse and rock wall climbing. Her motto is "Girls run the world...and the galaxy!" 
Lyric (Purple): She lives for music and her guitar and also loves writing poetry and volunteering at the dog shelter. Her motto is "Girls rock!" 
Sky (Green): She is super plugged into technology and loves science experiments (like slime!). Her motto is "Problem? Problem solved."

It was great fun for me to return to the Ultra Squad in this second graphic novel, Adventures Under The Strangebow. The intrepid eight, including the Pallies of course, found themselves inadvertently stranded in a parallel reality at the end of the first book and now must try and make friends with their doppelgangers in order to find the way back to their own universe. I loved the way in which colour is used to differentiate 'our' Ultra Squad from the alternative reality girls. Their world is oppressed by the bizarre Strangebow so the people and city reflects this in a palette of dingy greys and browns. Even the Meanie Beanie is suitably off-trend in its decor and menu - Brocco Latte anyone? 

I didn't feel the narrative line was as strong in Adventures Under The Strangebow as it had been in the original Ultra Squad graphic novel. For me, diversions such as the cheerleading felt like padding although the Pallies dance routines are fun. I wanted to know more about the Strangebow too. What was that? How did it happen? And why? That said, Adventures Under The Strangebow was still well worth the read and I appreciate its humour and engaging artwork. I imagine for the target tween girl audience these stories would be absolute winners!

About the Author:
JULIA DEVILLERS is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than two dozen middle-grade and teen novels including How My Private Personal Journal Became a Bestseller, Liberty Porter First Daughter, and Girlwise. She also created the first retail branded book series for girls, Tween Brands (Justice/Limited TOO), and USA Today called it "a novel approach for retailers." She has appeared on the major television networks and in the New York Times as an expert on tween girls. She lives in Ohio with her husband and their two children. Visit her at:

You can find and contact Julia DeVillers here:
- Website - Facebook - Goodreads - Instagram - Instagram Ultra Squad- Instagram Justice

About the Artist:
Born in Puerto Rico and based in Ohio, Rafael Rosado is a veteran of the animation industry. He is currently a storyboard artist for Warner Brothers, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

You can find and contact Rafael Rosado here:
- Instagram 

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