Sunday, 14 June 2020

Bookishly Inspired Etsy Finds

I add a fun little ending to each post on this blog. It's Etsy finds, each inspired by that day's featured book, and I love browsing the Etsy website for connected ideas!

If you want to browse the items without their books, I've set up a Rainbow of Pinterest Boards. Before you click away though, here's a selection of my favourite finds from the past few weeks ...

I found a
1950s Ballet Dress by Vintage Tampa
for The Chalice And The Crown by Kassandra Flamouri

I found a 
Skull And Butterfly Tea Set by WW Ceramics UK
for A Dark History Of Tea by Seren Charrington-Hollins

I found a 
Poet Gift Pack by artsyletters 
for Incandescent Visions by Lee Hudspeth

I found 
Campfire Themed Cocktail Stirrers by Atomic Kraftworks 
for A Delicate Dance Of Souls by Karen D Hamilton

I found a 
Golden Retriever greetings card by Beadazzle Designs
for January River by Bernard Jan

I found a 
Well Behaved Women t-shirt by Hallion Clothing 
for A Woman by Sibilla Aleramo

I found a 
Blenheim Bomber enamelled pin by Ashton And Finch 
for The Enigma Game by Elizabeth Wein 

I'd love to hear from book bloggers (or anyone else!) with an Etsy shop who would like to see something of theirs featured. Please feel welcome to add your links in the Comments.

(Book links go to their Literary Flits blog pages. Etsy links are affiliate links and go directly to each Etsy item page.)