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Incandescent Visions by Lee Hudspeth + #Giveaway

Incandescent Visions by Lee Hudspeth
Published by George Lee Hudspeth Jr. in America in December 2019.

Having written numerous works of nonfiction, this is Lee Hudspeth’s debut book of poetry. Incandescent Visions explores the meaning of the human experience, as the author encourages his readers to ponder the universe and their place within it, and to catalyze their own creative potential. From the sublime shores of the Mediterranean to the majestic expansiveness of deep space, this book contemplates nostalgia, perspective and the gift of love. Through five short yet powerful, thought-provoking chapters of contemporary poems—and a dash of elegant, evocative haiku—Hudspeth takes his readers on a journey across the inner landscape of struggle, triumph, self-realization and imagination.

I used to be offered lots of poetry for review, but perhaps the genre is having a quiet spell because it seemed to me as though Incandescent Visions is the first collection I have immersed myself into in ages. I was, of course, initially attracted by this book's gorgeous cover art - the work of Preston M. Smith. It's called Elements And Dreamscapes and I love it!

Once inside Incandescent Visions, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Hudspeth talks briefly about his poetry as well as offering readers the poems themselves. At the start of each chapter, he explains the themes of the works to follow and, at the very end of the book, there is also a full explanation for two of the works which I personally found particularly useful. One of them, Framework, I hadn't understood at first reading, but on returning to it with an idea of its background I had a wonderful lightbulb moment!

I think my favourite of Lee Hudspeth poems are Inspire Me Again and Wanderlust, both of which I felt strongly connected to. I also really appreciated Mom and Goodbyes which resonated, but were painful reads because I have also lost my own mother. On a lighter note, I was delighted by the haiku. I've had a love of this poetry style since reading The Peculiar Life Of A Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault and enjoyed the examples here. Incandescent Visions reminded me how important poetry is to me. Thoughtful work like Lee's enables me to think about the world in a different way to fiction or nonfiction books and I am grateful for this opportunity to experience his ideas.

Meet the author:
Lee Hudspeth is a poet, writer, musician and fellow human being. Incandescent Visions is his first book of poetry. He is the co-author of ten nonfiction books in the field of Information Technology. He has written articles for professional journals like PC Computing and Office Computing. He is the author of over one hundred articles in the online magazine The Naked PC, which he co-founded and co-published. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two sons and their cat. Find out more about Lee, his books and his music at

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  1. Thank you, Stephanie Jane, for sharing this great book of poems by a wonderful artist.

  2. Stephanie Jane, this is Lee Hudspeth :-) Thank you for taking the time to consider, read and review my book on your blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my poems. I really appreciate your review’s perspective. Thanks for sharing my book with your audience. Take care.