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Maggie McIntyre Is Living The Dream by Joanne Nicholson

Maggie McIntyre Is Living The Dream by Joanne Nicholson
Self published on the 8th May 2020.

A More Than One Challenge read

How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the author

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When dream consultant, Maggie McIntyre, discovers an abandoned ginger kitten in her garbage bin, she makes it her mission to track down the person responsible. Under the cover of darkness, she starts her sleuth like investigation of her neighbours’ bins, meeting her handsome neighbour Sam in the process.

While the sweet, orphaned kitten melts Maggie’s heart, Maggie marvels at the coincidence of finding it on the same day that a client shared with her a dream about a cat.
A string of similar coincidences occur where Maggie’s life begins to imitate her client’s dreams. When Maggie realises she is cursed with living out the dreams she has interpreted, she is terrified she is only one client’s nightmare away from danger.

Maggie has to try to manipulate the form that dreams will be morphed into her life, try to break the curse, find the cat dumper and win the heart of her handsome neighbour, before a client shares a dream of being injured, killed or worse - being naked in public.

Maggie McIntyre Is Living The Dream is a much lighter story than my first Joanne Nicholson novel, Only The Lonely, and I enjoyed spending time with well-meaning dream analyst Maggie. She is someone with whom I could imagine myself being friends in real life and I loved her sense of humour - especially considering the embarrassing situations that her inadvertent clumsiness gets her into. Of course, having an adorable ginger kitten, Lady Marmalade, scene-stealing at every opportunity was bound to get me smiling too.

I appreciated how Nicholson manages to weave in social responsibility issues - such as homeless Elspeth's storyline - into Maggie McIntyre Is Living The Dream without either making the novel too dark or trivialising the characters' experiences. It's a fine line to tread and I thought she did a good job on this. The characters generally are very plausible and entertaining, with people such as male model Levi being over-the-top by just enough to keep them believable. The romance aspect is nicely portrayed too. Maggie and her paramour take their time in developing their relationship which made it feel genuine and I thought they were perfectly suited.

Maggie McIntyre Is Living The Dream is a cross-genre book that's difficult to pigeonhole (which, to me, is a good thing!) so I think it could appeal to a wide readership. There's romance and a mystery, a hint of magical realism and lots of humour. Personally, I can testify that it's an excellent lounging-in-the-sunshine read!

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  1. This sounds like this is going to be such a cute and happy story. I love the meet cute and how the kitten was so involved and it sounds like it has a sweet ending (most likely). We all need soft stories at some point.