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Poems For Animals by Alice Griffin

Poems For Animals by Alice Griffin
Published in the UK by Little Loquat Press in 2020.

A Book With Vegan Character and included in my Vegan Bookshop

How I got this book:
Bought the ebook via Etsy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Seven Poems for Animals Written from the Heart 
"Wow! Your poems are so powerful, deeply touching and moving and hearing them on audio takes them to another level. If I wasn't vegan already, I would certainly be thinking long and hard about eating the flesh of animals after hearing your words." ~ Jules, @thehippieboat 
"Those poems. So so powerful. Amazing. Eye opening. I wish everyone would see the truth." ~ Eva

My poems have been featured on the Viva! podcast and also in Vegan Life Magazine and ponder some of the questions and thoughts I have had myself during my 12 year journey from meat eater to vegetarian, and finally vegan.

I ask questions about our views towards animals and our relationships with them, hopefully in a way that will make everyone think about the choices they make. 

♡ I hope you enjoy them ♡ 

♡ It Started with an Ant
♡ Facebook Lambs
♡ Remnants
♡ Monsieur Robert
♡ Don't Call Me Baby
♡ Humane
♡ This Gentle Earth

I discovered Alice Griffin's poetry chapbook, Poems For Animals, whilst browsing vegan fundraising items on Etsy. The profits from this work will be donated to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, England, so I am glad to be able to offer a little support to this good cause while also getting to enjoy some inspired and thoughtful poetry. I loved meeting the adorable duck community in Monsieur Robert and It Started With An Art reminded me strongly of an event in my own childhood. Griffin's work has a strong message encouraging readers to think about their attitudes to all animals. She doesn't hector, however, but uses her poems to present familiar scenarios that resonated with me, twisting the viewpoint to elicit an emotional response and then to illustrate the more humane resolution. If I weren't already vegan, I would certainly have been giving a lot of thought to becoming so as a result of this work.

Griffin is a talented poet and I especially appreciated the opportunity to hear her recite her work. The (excellent value) £3 purchase price for the ebook download also includes an mp3 audio file of all seven poems.

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