Saturday, 15 August 2020

Bookishly Inspired Etsy Finds

I add a fun little ending to each post on this blog. It's Etsy finds, each inspired by that day's featured book, and I love browsing the Etsy website for connected ideas!

If you want to browse the items without their books, I've set up a Rainbow of Pinterest Boards. Before you click away though, here's a selection of my favourite finds from the past few weeks ...

I found a
Horseshoe Crab print by Gina Carmela Studio
for Difficult Light by Tomas Gonzalez

I found a 
by Rose Finchie
for All Men Want To Know by Nina Bouraoui

I found a 
Silver Ouroboros Pendant by Unique History Shop 
for Balthazar's Bane by Kat Ross

I found a 
Vampyre Coin Purse by Snobb Ltd 
for Resurrection Men by David Craig

I found a 
Homegrown Veggies t-shirt by Elevate Your Awe 
for The Daydreamer Detective by S J Pajonas

I found a 
Humane Meat Sticker by House Fun Store
for Chasing Solace by Karl Drinkwater

I found an 
for Music And Silence by Rose Tremain

(Book links go to their Literary Flits blog pages. Etsy links are affiliate links and go directly to each Etsy item page.)

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