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Who Killed Patrick? by Syl Waters + #Excerpt

Who Killed Patrick? by Syl Waters
Published by Eleftheria on the 22nd August 2020.

Sun, sea and… murder in Fuerteventura!

Boring. Going nowhere. That was Tarah’s life in the UK, before she moved to Fuerteventura to start a new adventure. But things came unstuck quicker than she’d planned. A dead guest on the holiday complex she manages threatens to pull apart her hoped-for dream life.

If she wants to keep her job and save the reputation of the business, she’s got to find out what happened to Patrick. Did he die of natural causes – or was he murdered?

Tarah’s pet guinea pig, Mr Bob, has a knack for sniffing out trouble and he suspects foul play. The mission is on: Who Killed Patrick? With the assistance of Mr Bob and Diego, a local plumber, Tarah turns amateur sleuth to find out the truth.

Can Tarah and Mr Bob find the murderer before it’s too late? Will they be able to save the business and protect their blissful new life?

Here’s the context to this extract:
Tarah, the main protagonist, is questioning her sanity. Patrick, a guest at the holiday apartments she manages, has been found dead. The police have ruled it natural causes, but Mr Bob her guinea pig, is acting strange whenever Patrick’s name is mentioned. Jorge, her boss, says Mr Bob can sniff out trouble and told her she needs to look into what really happened to Patrick.

Shivering from the too-cold water, I turn the shower off and wrap myself in a towel.
Am I really doing this today? Am I really going to try and work out who killed Patrick?
The thought sticks in my throat, did I really just think that?
I look at myself in the mirror, my eyes are saggy and my skin has a greyish hue.
Who am I? Who am I to be doing this and to be asking such questions?
I sit on the edge of the bath and the sick feeling in my tummy turns. My throat tightens and I wretch. My head is pounding like I’ve been drinking all night. God, I can’t believe my life has come to this, how have I got myself into this? This can’t be happening; this isn’t real life. Real life is checking customers in and cleaning up their mess, it’s not this, it can’t be this.
Shaking my head, I look about the seaside-themed home I’ve created, the hard work I’ve put into creating this dream life in the sun. How can I allow bad things to happen here? This place is my sanctuary, my home, my happiness. I’ve spent months creating the perfect holiday life that is my
real life, and I’m not about to let some bloody person come in and take that away from me. I need to feel safe in my own place, on this island. I want to feel happy again, settled. I can’t allow someone, some stranger, to take that from me. I need my life back. Mr Bob gazes at me with his wide-eyed stare and wheeks for some attention. Lifting him out of his
carrier he nestles comfortably in my lap and starts licking my finger. Stroking his soft, downy fur I feel myself becoming grounded. ‘What are we going to do, Mr Bob?’ I say to him.
‘Do you know who killed Patrick?’ Suddenly, his body freezes in my hand. I can feel all of his ligaments tighten stone-like – it’s as if he’s holding his whole body, his whole being, waiting for me to understand. Almost a minute passes until he fixes me with his wide eyes and then scurries away from me and clambers back into his carrier.
If ever I needed proof, this was it. Every mention of Patrick’s name made Mr Bob shudder to stone.
This was his hallmark behaviour of signalling trouble. No matter how crazy, this had to be done.
There was a wrong that had to be put right. I didn’t know how, but I would try my best. I’ve watched enough murder mysteries to know what I need to do – now I just need to find my suspects and put it all together. I will find Patrick’s killer and I will make my island, and my life, safe again.

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