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Ghostileaks: 13 Tales of Terror Leaked from the Other Side! by M J Peter

Ghostileaks: 13 Tales of Terror Leaked from the Other Side! by M J Peter
Self published in August 2014.

How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the author

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ghosts, demons… the undead... and more await you in GhostiLeaks! Join M.J. Peter on a terrifying supernatural adventure through thirteen chilling tales. An original blend of the author’s chilling real-life experiences and disturbing, vivid short stories - this is a frightening feast for ghost and horror lovers. Inspired by a lifelong quest for paranormal enlightenment, this is the strange and forbidden world… of GhostiLeaks.

I first posted this review on my Stephanie Jane blog in October 2015.

I discovered author M J Peter on Twitter and excitedly took advantage of his offer of a review copy of Ghostileaks as I had already read good comments about the short story collection. There are thirteen - unlucky for some! - tales in Ghostileaks and I liked Peter's sceptical narrator approach as this made each scenario somehow more believable. Although an indie publication, the writing is to a high standard with few typos. Each story is well paced to draw the reader in and the descriptions are wonderful: 'a surging swarm of home-time zombies besieged the pavement' is an example from The Investment which isn't a zombie story, simply describing the evening rush hour. I enjoyed unusual twists and turns that meant the story I expected to unfold was often different to its actual denouement so I was kept guessing. I think my favourites were The Sandman and Pause which is very well plotted. A nice touch throughout are the short notes after each tale describing their inception and inspiration. A couple are even true!

I was pleased that most of the horror in Ghostileaks is of the unsettling dread variety and there isn't any truly stomach-churning gore. Several stories kept me pondering after I had finished them, but fortunately none gave me lasting nightmares. The collection would be a perfect Halloween gift and ideal for reading aloud around a campfire!

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