Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Somebody's Daughter by Anne Goodwin + #FreeBook

Somebody's Daughter by Anne Goodwin
Individual stories previously published between 2005 and 2018. Published together in this collection in January 2020.

How I got this book:
Received a copy from the author as a newsletter signup reward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What does it mean to have a daughter? How does it feel to be one?

A child carer would do anything to support her fragile mother. A woman resorts to extreme measures to stop her baby’s cries. A man struggles to accept his middle child’s change of direction. Another uses his daughter to entice young women into his car. A woman contemplates her relationship with her father as she watches a stranger withhold his attention from his child.

Mothers of daughters, fathers of daughters, daughters from infancy to middle age. Three award-winning short stories plus a couple more. You’ll never think about daughters the same way again.

From the Polari Prize shortlisted author of Sugar and Snails.

I've previously enjoyed several of Anne Goodwin's short stories and full length novels so was delighted at the opportunity to read a few more in Someone's Daughter, especially as several of this themed collection are prize winning compositions. As it turned out, Tobacco And Testosterone is included in Becoming Someone so I had already read this one but was more than happy to do so again! All the stories are linked by their theme of parents and daughters, and I loved seeing the varied directions in which Anne takes and runs with this idea. The child carer story, Mummy And Me, is heart-breakingly poignant while With A Small Bomb In Her Chest really creeped me out. I wasn't as keen on the five ninety-nine word flash fiction pieces because, understandably with such brevity, I didn't feel they had the compelling atmosphere of the longer works. Someone's Daughter is, however, an excellent introduction to Anne's writing for people who haven't read her books before, and a refreshing filler for those of us who are eagerly awaiting her next publication!

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