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Cassie Cancels Christmas by Lily Hayden

Cassie Cancels Christmas by Lily Hayden
Published by Hayden Woods Creative on the 5th December 2020.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mass Consumerism. Hyped Expectations. Forced Fun. Over-bearing Relatives. Queues. The list is endless.

After a string of Christmas catastrophes, Mrs. Christmas aka her mother-in-law is the final straw, and this year, Cassie is cancelling Christmas much to the horror of her festive-loving family.

The countdown is on for Holly, Joe, and Noel to convince Cassie that Christmas really is the most magical time of the year.

A fun, festive countdown through the most stressful wonderful time of the year

Lily Hayden's light-hearted seasonal novella, Cassie Cancels Christmas, was a timely reminder of all the commercialism and peer pressure that's rampant across the UK at this time of year. I've managed to be overseas for the past seven Christmasses and really don't miss this aspect of the festivities! I could easily empathise with Cassie's rapidly increasing stress levels as she tries to make everything perfect for everyone. Having married a man whose surname is Christmas only adds to the expectations. It is, of course, an impossible task and I was impressed by Hayden's portrayal of Cassie. She manages to bring out the humour of the situation while still keeping Cassie as a plausible and believable woman.

Cassie Cancels Christmas is the first Lily Hayden book I have read so I'm pleased it was such an enjoyable story. It's got interesting characters, an authentic family dynamic and, ultimately, a Christmas message with which I wholeheartedly agree. I suggest ignoring any festive tasks you've not yet done and sitting down to read this novella instead. You might just find your workload need not be so heavy after  all!

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