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Eye Of The Beholder by C H Clepitt

Eye Of The Beholder by C H Clepitt
Self published on the 14th June 2020.

How I got this book:
Won a copy in a giveaway

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When pressure from his materialistic children turns Claude into a thief, it is down to his youngest daughter to set things right. Angelique agrees to take her father’s place as prisoner to what she is told is a hideous beast.

Angelique soon discovers that the so called beast is nothing more than Rosalie, a princess cursed to remain trapped in a castle, unless the curse can be broken, something she assures her is impossible.

Angelique does not believe in the impossible, and sets about trying to find a way to save her new friend, who she is rapidly growing to love.

Eye of the Beholder is the first in a series of queer fairy tale retellings in C H Clepitt’s Magic Mirror Collection.

Eye Of The Beholder is a fun fairytale retelling which takes its inspiration from the original 1740s story La belle et la bĂȘte (Beauty and the Beast). I loved how Clepitt has kept elements of the earlier French style while also giving her rendition lots of modern energy. Snappy scenes keep up a fast pace and the frequent switching from dream sequences to 'real life' adds to the mystical atmosphere. The fraught bickering between Angelique and her siblings is deftly portrayed and I could certainly empathise with her grasping at the chance to escape that household, even at the cost of a leap into the unknown. That she finds true love as a result of her adventure is only right! Eye Of The Beholder works really well as a queer retelling and, if anything, I felt it made more sense with the female characters Angelique, Rosalie and Cecile driving the narrative. I read the story on Christmas Eve and found it perfect to read in one sitting as a 'me time' escape!

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