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Alpha's Domain by A J Tipton

Alpha's Domain by A J Tipton
Published by Savvy Storytelling in April 2015.

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A billionaire bear shifter haunted by his past. A hyper-organized hotel manager on the cusp of a life-changing realization. Will they save each other from the past, and make their future together? 

Sally is the curvy and brilliant manager of the Wondernasium Ice Hotel who thinks she has everything handled. A whole hodgepodge of supernaturals shooting fireballs in the lobby? Handled. Guests who try to eat the other guests? No problem. But there's one thing Sally can't manage: her desire for her boss. When a steamy encounter in Ben's office turns her entire world upside down, Sally has to choose if she can embrace the magic within, or flee from her true self. 

Billionaire shifter Ben Broyles inherited his fortune after his clan was brutally slaughtered. He built his magical ice hotel as a sanctuary for supernaturals in a dangerous world. But when the evil goblins responsible for his family's murder check in, Ben must stop them from destroying all he’s created. With his hotel--and his life--on the line, Ben is forced to risk everything before it's too late. 

Alpha’s Domain is a BBW paranormal romance novella in the “Bear Shifter Billionaire” series, a set of stand-alone stories that sizzle and satisfy. If you like sexy shifters, explosive magic, and journeys for justice, then you’ll love this breathtaking book. 

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This review was first published on Stephanie Jane in April 2016.

I can't remember now if I discovered the quirky imaginations of A J Tipton through Goodreads or Twitter, having failed to note it at the time, but I recently re-discovered Alpha's Domain in my browser download folder. Clicking in to find out exactly what this book was, I started reading, started giggling at the great scenarios and kept reading right through to the story's satisfying conclusion.

The third in a series of standalone novellas - and I must now get the other two! - Alpha is a shapeshifting man/polar bear called Ben and his Domain is a fabulous ice hotel where practically all the guests are also supernatural beings. The hotel would be absolute chaos but for the incredible organisational skills of manager Sally, an ordinary human who is blind to the mysticism of those around her. This simple premise sets up very funny scenes of warring species - evil goblins, libidinous tigershifters, prudish pixies, and poor Ned the bellhop who is seriously losing the plot! When Sally and Ben realise their mutual attraction, sparks begin to fly in a very real way.

At about fifty pages Alpha's Domain is a quick read that keeps up its good pace all the way through. The romance is believable sexy and I loved that we get a full story arc with no irritating cliff hangers. Admittedly such a short work means that there isn't extensive character development and I would have liked more details about the supernaturals and the hotel, but the story is imaginative, interesting and, most of all, great fun!

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  1. This is a new author and series for me. I love how varied your reading tastes are!

    1. This was definitely a step away from my usual reading!