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Truckin' Up by Donna Carver

Truckin' Up by Donna Carver
Published by  Four Pawns Publishing in March 2014.

How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the author

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For most of my life I gave little thought to big trucks and truck drivers except for the intimidation I would feel when those big rigs with their loud engines passed me on the road. I had some preconceived notion that all truck drivers were rough, tough cowboy types behind the wheel of a big truck, wearing blue jeans and boots, their shirt sleeves rolled up. It never occurred to me when I went to the store to buy my groceries, clothes or anything else that those things were all brought by truck. Some products are transferred from one truck to another several times over thousands of miles to get to their destination. I married a truck driver about nine years ago, and when I started riding with him he showed me a different side of this country, the side seen from behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeled semi-tractor truck. 

This review was first blogged on Stephanie Jane in March 2016.
It seems like ages since I have listened to an audiobook so I was happy when Donna Carver got in touch via Twitter to ask if I would be interested in a copy of her memoir, Truckin' Up. She kindly gifted me a copy through which took a little help from Customer Services to transfer to my account.

Donna's husband is an American lorry (truck) driver and, finding herself at a loose end, she decided to accompany him on his journeys across the country. A Florida native herself, this gave her the opportunity to see far more of her country as well as learning about life on the road. Truckin Up is the resultant memoir - a collection of impressions and anecdotes. Donna expresses her amazement at some drivers' behaviours, empathises with the difficulties truck drivers face, and translates many of the odd words and phrases they use when communicating over CB radios.

Abrupt changes in sound quality were very distracting during the first chapter, but this does mostly settle down as the book progresses. I enjoyed hearing her thoughts about her nomadic life and the CB slang is quite entertaining. The memoir is pretty short though and a significant part of the time is made up with glossaries - an extensive CB slang dictionary and list of police radio codes - that may work well in print, but went on for too long in the audio version. On the whole, Truckin' Up is an interesting glimpse into a mostly unpublicised world.

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