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Sigils And Secrets by Whitney Metz

Sigils And Secrets (Black Magick 1) by Whitney Metz
Published by Who Chains You Books on the 17th February 2020.

How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the author

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ben has a high-paying job, a great apartment and, most importantly, he has Carrie. She's fun, beautiful, a bit eccentric—and has a fascination with the occult. 

Ben thinks it's harmless. 

Then one night during an attempt to contact the spirit world, Carrie disappears. Now Ben must find a way to navigate a world that he never believed existed in order to save the woman he loves from something he doesn’t understand. 

Maybe he didn’t know Carrie nearly as well as he thought. 

To make matters worse, Ben’s encounter with the supernatural has left him with a mysterious infection ravaging his body and deteriorating his mind. 

Sigils & Secrets is the first in the Black Magick Series—a series about the world behind the one we see every day, the importance of the connections we all share with each other and with the Earth, and the search for our true paths.

I'm pleased to have discovered Sigils and Secrets, the first novel in Whitney Metz' 'Black Magick' fantasy series, and thoroughly enjoyed following Ben on his quest to discover how his impetuous girlfriend, Carrie, disappeared and, most importantly, whether he will be able to rescue her. Ben is an endearing reluctant hero who, it seemed to me, had been out of his comfort zone ever since he met Carrie. We discover through flashback scenes how their relationship started and blossomed, and this is a lovely opposites-attract romance which I felt added a convincing depth to the characters. I really liked how Metz paces her story so I was always eager to keep turning the pages, but never felt rushed. The mysticism is cleverly dripfed so, as readers, we gain understanding at more or less the same rate as Ben does, but sometimes we learn directly from him and at other times insights occurred to me just before he caught up. Ben's naive existence on the edges of a world he doesn't understand makes him someone with whom I could easily empathise. I liked that the supporting characters also came across as fully-formed people and I am incredibly envious of Jacob Weston's home! Debbie's input is also very nicely done and I appreciated the Japanese-style circle that her scene brought to the novel. Sigils And Secrets is the first of the series and, while it has a satisfying story arc and doesn't end on an exasperating cliff hanger, I was left very much in the middle of the adventure so I am keen to pick up its sequel soon.

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