Saturday, 19 June 2021

Ken Hom's Vegetable & Pasta Book

Ken Hom's Vegetable & Pasta Book
Published in the UK by William Levene in 1994.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chinese Cookery, Ken Hom's popular BBC tv series and best-selling book, has shown how authentic Chinese meals can be prepared with ease art home. Inspired by the exotic traditions of China, Japan and Southeast Asia, he now shares his own enthusiasm for vegetables, rice and pasta in a varied personal collection of easy-to-follow recipes for healthy and tasty dishes. Combining basic ingredients and techniques drawn from Eastern and Western cuisines, he gives you all the explanations and helpful hints you need to start creating these imaginative meals in your own kitchen.

I hadn't experimented much with pasta in my own Asian-inspired cookery prior to spotting this excellent guide and recipe collection. I had thrown wholewheat noodles into a basic stir fry on occasion, but otherwise tended to just rely on rice for that aspect of each dish. Ken Hom's Vegetable & Pasta Book has been a real eye-opener, not only to the variety of noodles and pastas used in Southeast Asian cookery, but also to the myriad ways in which they can be prepared. I love also that each recipe puts its vegetables into the starring role. As Hom explains, authentic Chinese cookery features mostly freshly cooked vegetable dishes with meat or fish ingredients only used sparingly. I've found, in my own search for vegan food inspiration, that learning from such traditions makes for far more satisfying and exciting meals than trying to make plants replicate heavily meat-centred recipes. Ken Hom's Vegetable & Pasta Book does mention non-vegan ingredients (such as egg noodles or chicken stock) but veggie alternatives are generally either also given in the text or can now easily be found in most supermarkets.

An inspiring resource for beginner vegans/vegetarians.

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