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Thin Men, Paper Suits by Tin Larrick + Free book

Thin Men, Paper Suits by Tin Larrick
Self published in January 2014.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"A huge police search operation for a missing child, a suicidal mortuary attendant, a hapless band of bottom-feeding dope smugglers, a displaced Cold War spy with a yearning for the old days and a house with unspeakable secrets – just some of the stories you’ll find in THIN MEN, PAPER SUITS, an eBook collection of 9 short stories by Sussex maniac Tin Larrick.
Darkly humorous (well, in parts), more than a little profane, largely criminal and peppered with twists, THIN MEN, PAPER SUITS is ideal for the commute, the dentist’s waiting room, the rainy Sunday or the interminable hours spent waiting in the car for teenage offspring."

As with Tin Larrick's previous novel, Devil's Chimney, I particularly enjoy spotting the local references as I used to live in the same town, Eastbourne. The tales all have interesting unexpected twists although I did find a few to be stretching plausibility a little too far and, as the stories are so short, the characters are obviously not as rounded as they would be in a full novel. My favourite story was the intricately plotted Taylor's Dummy, and I also particularly enjoyed the title story, Thin Men Paper Suits and the poignancy of Detective At The Door. It is probably advisable not to read Hell's Teeth too close to bedtime, and Mr Solitaire is definitely an 'adult' story!

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